Reflective essay kolbs experiential learning cycle

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David Kolb’s ‘Experiential Learning Cycle’ is a concept within this approach which describes the ideal relation between experience and future action. According to this model learning is a circular process with the subsequent elements: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualisation and active experimentation.

What is a Learning Style?

David Kolb

Your Kolb Learning Style describes the unique way you spiral through Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle. There is no right or wrong way on how a learner spirals through the experiential learning cycle and each person has their own preferred path.

Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model. David Kolb is a Professor of Organizational Behavior at Case Western Reserve University who popularized experiential learning as the most efficient method for mastering new concepts. In short, he describes the process of transforming learning into knowledge.

I have written an experiential essay: 3, to 4, words for 3 credit essay 5. My essay is written in first person demonstrate your learning by describing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes developed through the reflective process.

The Kolb Learning Cycle

Experiential Learning Essay Template. Experiential Learning Kolb’s experiential learning model incorporates the two dimensions of concrete-abstract learning with active-reflective learning into a single framework (Sugarman, ).

Both these dimensions can be explained as the varying learning roles and preferred types of involvement that an individual uses to learn.

A Little Learning Science: What We Mean When We Talk About Reflection Kolb's () classic depiction of learning concisely describes the process of "single-loop learning," and can be considered a simplified version of the scientific method.

Reflective essay kolbs experiential learning cycle
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