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Here's my full essay for the 'positive or negative development' question that we've been looking at over the last few weeks. In some countries, many more people are choosing to live alone nowadays than in the past. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

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In recent years it has become far more normal for people to live alone, particularly in large cities in the developed world. Hi Simon, According your sample essay, I recognize that the structure of the essay organized in 2 parts; the first part is answer the question "new technology achievements affect in what ways", the second part is answer the question "they make positive or negative".

Child Labour Essay

If you are interested in Victorian gender roles especially, but also nursing history or the Crimean War, Nightingale's Cassandra is a nice text to own. This page has links to newer argument and opinion essays on this site. Some essays are listed in more than one topic. Many of the essays have key points highlighted.

Child labour is the act of employing and engaging children in the economic activities like in the exploitative industry, illegal business, etc on part-time or full-time basis.

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Long and Short Essay on Child Labour in English. Child labour is a big social issue in our.

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Special on-the-ground report about the nearly million West African children who harvest cocoa for big chocolate companies.

Essay labour children
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