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Asian Students at UCLA, UCSD and UC Berkeley: The Price of Success?

Feb 07,  · On the 8th of January, the Wall Street Journal published an excerpt of Amy Chua's book, The Battle Hymn of the Tiger this, excerpt, Chua argues that extremely strict parenting supposedly typical of Asian parents is the way to raise "successful children".

Sympathy for the Tiger Moms. The national convulsion over Amy Chua’s parenting has lead people to hate or fear mothers like me. I think of Chua proudly excerpting an essay written by her. Welcome to Middletown Thrall Library's blog for Booklovers!

A Critique of Amy Chua's

Here you'll find reading suggestions, forthcoming title lists, and more! Jan 08,  · Amy Chua: 'Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior' By AMY CHUA First-person essays, features, interviews and Q&As about life today.

Amy chua - Essay Example

We will write a custom essay sample on Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior specifically for you. for only $/page. In the article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” by Amy Chua, we’re informed about the differences between the western way of raising children and the Chinese way.

Amy chua essay
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